CL, DL, and Lefty Head
CL, DL, and Left head
The CL Band Family--January 2020
Outdoor Setup for Songs for Elsie Mae
Outdoor setup for new album
CL and Squirrel
Creighton and Squirrel at the 45th event in 2019.
CL w/Claire at Hayloft 2019
Creighton with Claire at the Hayloft, 2019
The Band--July 4th, 2019
July 4th, 2019 - The band.
The band--Squirrel's 45th 2019
The band together for the 45th event of Squirrel's in 2019
The band, July 4th 2019
The band, July 4th, 2019
Deborah,Heather Pinney,George Penk
CL & Deborah, Heather Pinney and George Penk
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The CL Band Family--January 2020